May 13, 2010

Ihanryan Mother's Day Lucky Draw

Tajuk : Ilhanryan Mother's Day Lucky Draw
Tarikh : Bermula dari 7-30 May 2010

Contest neh by dan ditaja oleh Aivee-Emart & Ryansluver (

AiVee Emart offers branded & stylish yet very affordable babies/kids apparel, accessories & educational toys. There's some great collections for mommies too...contohnyer...

Cloth book + Rattle gift set
Bunny & Lion ~RM15.90
* From birth onwards, it's ideal for your baby's early learning or can be
   presented as a gift.
* This 2 in 1 set includes :· Baby Cloth Book with activity on each page -
   squeaker, rattle and crackling sound - bright, bold and colourful pictures of 
   animal to enhance baby's awareness ·
* Cute and soft rattle to enhance baby's hand & eye coordination.
* Packaging : Matching display box with ribbon. All material meet International
   Safety Standards. EN71 & CE Certified
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sgt bergune..n affordable kan????
so..ape laie...mai2 beli...mai2 join!!!!  


2 komen tomen:

Lieya said...

Wattt suspennn aku jerkkkk

ryan'sluver said...

slm cik puan akish,
tqvm join LD Ryan + optional. all the best babe!


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